Q: Why do I need payroll at all? Would it not be easier to just set up the employee as a subcontractor?

A: Unless the employee has his/her own business, such a practice is highly illegal. Any employer that inappropriately classifies an employee as a subcontractor may face stiff penalties from federal and/or state tax agencies as well as unemployment divisions.

Q: I am very busy, how long will it take to set up my payroll?

A: We try to make the changeover entirely painless. Our experts will transfer data from your payroll account or, if you are using an outside service, we will utilize their records to transfer the data. In either case, just a few minutes of your time will be needed to help with the transition.

Q: We are a small start-up company with 8 employees, what is the advantage to having Pay Pros do our payroll?

A: Since we are also a small, independently-owned company, you will find us much easier to deal with than the larger national companies. We are equipped to handle your company from start-up to whatever size you may grow.

Q: Do you offer direct deposit?

A: Yes. Direct deposit is a great service to offer to your employees. Your employees may choose up to 3 different accounts to deposit.